‘Thanks to you personally for the excellent way you handled this case. Your professionalism and attention to detail I know helped to reassure the three witnesses and in particular I was most grateful for all your help and close attention throughout’
Mr J of Christchurch

‘I am pleased to learn of the satisfactory outcome in this case. This is, undoubtedly, the best we could realistically hope for in this case’
Mr P of Harlow

‘Excellent news!
Mr D of Basingstoke

‘Just wanted to confirm our thanks for your performance (in court) this morning. Five-star I would say’
Mr B of Hampshire

‘A very good result today...  please pass on our thanks to the legal team.’
Mr O of Norwich

‘Thank you for the update, a good result. Thank you for your assistance with this matter’
Mr R of Gloucester

‘Thank you again for your efforts here. It was an excellent outcome ... ‘
Mr P of Harlow

‘Good news that we won the case. Many thanks for your sterling assistance with this’
Mr M of Birmingham

‘This is very good news. Thanks again for all your help on this’
Mrs K of Southampton

‘Brilliant!  Thanks’
Mrs S of Eastleigh

‘Thank you for your recent correspondence and the good news...  Many thanks for all your hard work and assistance with this claim, it is much appreciated’
Mrs P of Taunton

‘That is marvellous news! Thanks for letting us know Glyn’
Miss E of Birmingham

‘Yet again a very positive result and down to the hard work, professionalism and conduct of those involved’
Mrs H of Swindon

‘Well done, thanks Glyn’
Mr H of Farnborough

‘That is great news! Many thanks for all your assistance in this case’
Miss J of Tewkesbury

‘Fantastic result’
Mr C of Farnborough

‘Thanks for your email – top result on damages and costs’
Mr M of Birmingham

‘An excellent result, our thanks to all involved’
Mr R of Gloucester

‘I am delighted! – Well done. I must say I felt we had a crack team arguing our position and I consider that justice appears to have been served. I would like to add my thanks to you for being more than kind and considerate throughout this – I was new to going to court and your advice and patience were much appreciated’
Mr C of Cheltenham

‘An excellent result. Thanks.’
Mr R of Gloucester

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